Wake Tech Community College

With a focus on technology-forward education and workforce development programs, Eastern Wake 4.0 is Wake Tech’s newest site, along the Interstate 87/U.S. Highway 64 corridor in Wendell. Eastern Wake 4.0 refers to the term Industry 4.0, a reference to a fourth industrial revolution, with the convergence of machines and processes with information and communications technology, such as 5G, big data, cloud computing and smart manufacturing.

Little Destiny Literacy and Discovery Child Development Center

We Believe that children are our most precious and important resource, worthy of respect, and to be valued for their uniqueness.We Believe children are natural learners.  When placed in a stimulating and interactive environment, each child’s potential can be fully realized.

We Believe children are curious, open-minded, honest, and accepting.  Taking the time to observe them and listening to their ideas and thoughts, will help our staff to fulfill each child’s individual needs.

Building the Wendell Community Together

Wendell proudly supports a strong sense of community with a range of essential offerings, including places of worship, educational institutions, active civic organizations, and accessible government offices.